My Name is Minocha, Sandeep Minocha

My Name is Minocha, Sandeep Minocha

Namaste _/\_

It is pleasure to have you here. This is a self initiated attempt to build up a space where I can express myself. This is an attempt to create a personal brand which I can use to make an identity which represents me in all senses.

Born and brought up in Surat, Growing in Gurgaon and aim to reach beyond horizons to see a world full of opportunities and great people to come across. I like travelling, writing blogs and love appreciating creative intent.

Notice about Fair Use:

I would share ideas, works in progress, opinions, blogs and other materials of an creative marketing and professional nature. I invite everyone to browse and engage in a healthy discussions. However, nothing in the web site is intended to solicit private legal inquiries or to provide legal counsel or legal advice to anyone accessing the materials. Visitors to this web site are welcome to share their thoughts with me. I will try my level best to respond individually to every communication as per my earliest convenience.

The content on this site is may be not entirely of my own but for sure it does not necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.