Being Successful – Reverse Engineering

#Entrepreneurship: A trend which is taking the world by storm from quite a long time now. A successful trend in itself, not only helping economy on various facets but also encouraging people around the globe to think on their own of bringing up their own Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. I have seen many people starting up with their own business. I have seen people starting their own business after they have retired from their professional life and even seen students starting up their business straight away after completing their academics. So one thing is clear, age is not a factor of becoming an entrepreneur.

From Road To Rasta: Book I want to complete before I Die

I am not someone who is currently trying to learn how to blog and suddenly got an idea to write a book. Infact, I had an idea of writing a book since ages but to write a good one, I understood you need to be able to write first. There always has been lots of people around me who are great at writing, whether blog or books for that matter. They are my inspirations and what amazes me about them is how they imprint their thoughts in a creative texts and words. It is an art which I want to master and implement on literal terms before I die.

Wikipedia: When Where and How?

Technology in education is not only about having smart classes, but it is also about smart way of imparting knowledge to its disciples. Wikipedia has come a long way as one of the good source of information but has it got what it takes to be a pillar of a education system?

My Bucket List for 2014

With a day under the belt, year 2014 has kicked off in the right mood and set-up. The dices are ready to roll and resolutions are just a tilt away from yet another collapse. I have been making all these fake promises all these years and did nothing but only fooled myself. With series of broken promises, the future holds nothing different atleast in my case.


This year around I have decided to bend the rules instead of breaking them. I have thought of  things for the whole year to do which I have never done in my almost 30 years. I no more believe in quitting things but rather would prefer clinging onto something new to make year 2014 more managable as far as the commitment goes.

Game of Cricket – Only Change is Constant

The game of Cricket from its inception in 16th century has seen changes that has brought a whole new dimension to the game. Today after 500 years, the game has changed on so many levels that it has become a simply complex game of bat and ball. I was just sitting on my couch sipping some serious coffee after office and suddenly I started to ponder on the changes that came into the game from 1996 (This was the year when I started following and playing Cricket) till today.

Salesman – A Lone W-A-R-R-I-O-R

Personality is the core nature of the behavior indulged in relationships. Therefore, ‘sales personality’ is something which is sometimes in blood cells, manufactured and can be improved up on by developing certain qualities of persistence and never-give-up attitude.

Cloud Computing: Revolutionizing technology, Changing Lives.

Technology today is considered using Gadgets and socializing without stepping out of the homes. Technology has helped many to achieve world full of benefits including the above two. But how can a technology be used in changing lives of people and communities who do not have access to it but has every right to get the advantages of it.

Dress your Work Desk, Plan your Success!

Your desk is your next home on your professional front, an inspirational space surrounding and helping you to ooze brilliance, creativity and positive vibes around during and after working hours. It helps you achieve your life’s aspirations. Your desk is your representation to the people who walk by your cubicle or office wether you are there or even in your absence.